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About us

On a mission to make electric cars more accessible the concept of Select Electric was born. No matter where you are located, find all you need to know about buying, selling and renting electric cars in your location.

Electric cars are not relatively new when you compare how long petrol based vehicles have been on sale. However, with the rise of Tesla is when demand for EV’s really started picking up. We’ve found that with a growing demand there were several issues the electric car market faced.

  • Availability - Due to limited and disrupted supply finding your ideal is becoming more difficult. To top it off, car manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, BMW, Hyundai and etc. have the freedom to experiment more with both the design and practicality the EV’s offer due to a lack of a functioning engine. This and a number of other factors creates uncertainty for the end consumer asking questions, such as, “what is the best family car”, “what distance can the car travel” and “what brands and models are available”.
  • Trust - Electric cars are new and the secondary market is developing, but slowly. Selling an ICE based car there are multiple resources available that help guide you on your car's current valuation and what car marketplaces are available to list your car on. When buying 2nd hand electric vehicles the buyers are suspicious as there are lots of question marks in terms of what to look for. We aim to be your guide on how to list your car for sale to avoid creating any doubts for potential buyers of your car.
  • Location - Market is growing, but it is still in its growth stage. A great way to know if electric cars are for you is to rent one. However, where from? Whether you are looking to rent in your hometown or give an EV a whirl at your travel destination, Select Electric’s aim is to gradually build a database of available car rental offers across top destinations worldwide.

Our team of electric car enthusiasts spend their days researching the in’s and out’s of buying, selling or renting electric cars, so you don’t have to.