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Electric cars in Orlando

Find and compare electric cars for sale or rent in Orlando. Search from a from all major range of makes and models, with features to suit your needs.

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Electric cars in Orlando

Electric cars in Orlando

In Orlando, electric cars are gaining significant popularity as more people are choosing a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation. has emerged as a leading platform for buying, renting, and selling both new and used EVs, including popular brands like Tesla. With a well-developed network of charging stations, it's easy to find convenient places to charge electric cars throughout the city. Orlando residents and visitors alike are embracing the benefits and convenience of electric vehicles, making them an increasingly common sight on the roads of this vibrant city.

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Popular brands available in Orlando

The electric car market is booming and there are more options than ever before. We take pride in identifying and listing the world's top electric cars brands, who are all leading the way in innovation. We have compiled a list of the best electric cars in Orlando, so you can rest assured that you'll be getting the best quality service and product!

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As more and more drivers start to realize that fuel is becoming a thing of the past the demand for electric vehicles has skyrocketed. With Select Electric we provide a comprehensive guide on what to take into account when selling your car and how to maximize your return.

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Not sure what car brand or model is right for you? Finding and picking out your first electric car is not a simple task especially when you're not sure what to expect. Avoid common misconceptions, false promises and learn the hard facts you need to know when searching for your first car.

Most popular electric cars in Orlando

Listed below is a selection of popular electric cars models in Orlando. Making a choice might be challenging with so many new electric car models. Find the most popular electric cars in Orlando based on charging time and cost.

Electric car in Orlando

Orlando, Florida, offers residents and visitors a wide array of electric cars and hybrids. Different companies offer EVs for sale or rent in Orlando. Whether you're looking for an eco-friendly vehicle, a luxury car, or something in between, you can find the perfect electric car for your needs.

Tesla dealerships and rentals in Orlando

Are you looking for Tesla vehicles for sale in Orlando? You're in luck because Tesla has several models available to explore and purchase in the area. If you need a Tesla dealership in Orlando, Tesla has several stores and service centers located in this city. Here you can test drive the latest Tesla models, get sales and service, learn more about EV charging and find out about leasing options. Tesla also offers rental cars in Orlando through third-party providers.

Tesla rentals in Orlando are available from a variety of companies, including Hertz and Rent A Tesla. Prices can vary depending on the model you choose, but you can expect to pay around $100 or more per day. The rental period typically lasts for 24 hours, but some providers offer weekly or monthly plans. When choosing a Tesla rental in Orlando, make sure to read the rental agreement carefully and understand any fees or restrictions that may apply.

Other electric vehicles available in Orlando

Do you want to experience the exciting world of electric cars without investing in a brand-new EV? There are a variety of other electric vehicles for rent in Orlando. You can rent a Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt, BMW i3, and other EVs. Electric car rentals in Orlando are available from companies such as Hertz and EV Car Rentals. Prices can range from $35 to $100 per day, depending on the model and length of rental.

Orlando electric car charging stations

Orlando also has many electric car charging stations located throughout the city. EV owners can charge their cars at home with a Level 1 or Level 2 charger, or they can take advantage of one of the many public charging stations located throughout the city.

No matter your needs, you'll find a variety of electric vehicles and electric car charging stations in Orlando. With electric dealerships, rentals, and charging stations located throughout the city, you'll have no problem finding the perfect EV for your lifestyle. Whether you're looking to rent or own, Orlando has the perfect electric car for you!

Popular tesla models for rent in Orlando

Tesla Motors has created a new kind of electric car that people can use easily. This company's electric car design is the trendsetter of the industry. Not only does it have an efficient battery that goes 300 mi on a single charge, but it's also sleek and minimalist in design. We have many different models of Tesla in Orlando. On our website which will allow you to find the right one for your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Orlando can you recharge an electric car?

There are many public electric car charging stations located throughout Orlando. These include ChargePoint, EVgo, and Tesla Superchargers at select locations. The most popular electric car charging stations in Orlando are located near major attractions, including the Orlando International Airport, Disney World, and Universal Studios. Additionally, many gas stations and hotels in the city also offer electric car charging services.

How much to rent a tesla in Orlando?

The cost of renting a Tesla in Orlando can vary depending on the model and length of the rental. Generally, Tesla rentals in Orlando will range from $90 to $150 per day. You can also find special discounts and offers when renting a Tesla in Orlando, so be sure to shop around for the best deal.

How to charge an electric car in Orlando?

The first step to charging an electric car in Orlando is to identify and locate a charging station that's compatible with your type of vehicle. Some charging stations are exclusive to certain types of cars, so it's important to know what kind of car you have before you start looking for a station. Once you've identified the right charging station, plug your electric car into it and wait for the charging process to begin. Depending on the station and your car's battery, charging times can range from a few minutes to hours.