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Top Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

With the rise in fuel prices and economic instability, many people find it challenging to fuel their vehicles. But, more importantly, there has been an increased environmental impact of carbon discharge from cars which can be very detrimental to people’s health. This makes electric vehicles a practical solution for daily commuters.

People are trying electric vehicles more than ever before. As a result, the number of electric cars has considerably increased. Recent research by International Energy Agency shows that the global electric vehicle sale in 2021 almost tripled 2019’s, hitting approximately 6.6 million sales.

If you presently drive a traditional gasoline car, changing to an electric vehicle is one of the brilliant ways to reduce your carbon footprint. But the big question is, which is the best electric car to buy in 2023.

Are you unsure why you should purchase an electric vehicle and the best one to buy? You’re reading the right article! Let’s dive right in…

Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy an Electric Car in 2023

1. Fuel Cost Saving

One of the most important reasons to buy an electric car is to save on fuel costs. Your fuel expenses will drastically reduce with a fully electric vehicle such as Chevy Bolt or Nissan Leaf, helping you save up to $1,500 in a year.

In addition, an electric car saves you the stress of stopping at a gas station to refuel your vehicle. Instead, you can quickly charge your electric car in your home overnight.

2. Reduces Carbon Footprint

Using an electric car is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission. In addition, electric vehicles have more environmental benefits than conventional gas-powered cars.

One of its advantages is that it eliminates harmful tailpipe pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons, particulates (soot), ozone, carbon monoxide, lead, and various oxides of nitrogen. In addition, driving an electric vehicle decreases your carbon footprint and is essential to meeting global climate change goals.

3. Low Maintenance Costs

Besides the fact that you can save on your gas expenses, you will also benefit from the savings in maintenance costs. Electric cars don’t require much maintenance because they don’t have an engine that needs oil lubrication. And, of course, the reduced cost of maintenance can result in significant savings.

4. Rebates and Tax Credits

Purchasing an electric vehicle can qualify you for federal tax credits of up to $7,500. Also, many cities and states offer other financial incentives to choose an electric car. This is to reduce the cost of electric vehicles and make them affordable for average citizens. So, ensure you check the exact percentage of tax benefits and incentives when you purchase an eco-friendly car.

5. They Are More Fun

Electric vehicles are faster than gas-powered vehicles. For instance, the Tesla Model S is the third fastest accelerating car, with a 0-60 time of 2.4 seconds. Only Porche 918 Spyder and LaFerrari beats this speed.

However, both were limited, million-dollar vehicles and could not be purchased new anymore. Even the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf that are lost cost are fun to drive because of their instant torque and power.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Car

Unsure of how to buy an electric car? We have listed some factors to consider to ensure that you are making the right decision.

  • It would help if you considered the pricing since electric vehicles are a little pricey compared to conventional gas/petrol cars.
  • Ensure that you regularly upgrade your car software after buying an electric vehicle because they are powered with complex powertrain and advanced technology. In addition, many manufacturers regularly improve the cars with the latest technology, thereby rolling out software updates.
  • Find out the driving range of the electric vehicle you are planning to purchase by checking real-life reviews to know how far the car can go; don’t only on the manufacturers driving range figures.
  • You can research the battery life of the electric vehicle of your choice to avoid changing batteries from time to time. Since an electric car’s battery is one of its expensive parts.
  • You should also know your country’s charging infrastructure before purchasing an electric car.

5 Best Electric Cars to Buy

1. Tesla Model 3

The Tesla 3 is one of the best electric cars to buy. It combines a minimalist interior, grin-inducing performance, space-age technology, and cutting-edge charging tech. It also has two wireless chargers with rear heated seats, including the middle seat.

  • Battery Range: 374 miles
  • Price: $40,390 (rear-wheel drive), $56,390 (dual-motor, AWD)
  • Max power: 221 hp
  • Max speed: 140 mph.

2. Chevrolet Bolt

The standard model is made with Chevy Safety Assist, which has front pedestrian braking, automatic emergency braking, forward collision alert, lane keeping, high auto beams to adjust to traffic conditions, and distance indicators for a vehicle before you.

  • Battery Range: 259 miles
  • Price: $26,595
  • Max Power: 200hp
  • Max Speed: 90.1mph

3. Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is very impressive not only among the electric car class but also among fellow Porsches. It comes with GT sports four-door EV and can cover between 231 and 314 miles.

  • Battery Range: 273 miles
  • Price: $82, 700
  • Max Power: 402hp.
  • Max Speed: 161.6mph.

4. Polestar 2

The Polestar 2 is the earliest car with Google built-in, which is very impressive. The digital driver display is user-friendly and has frameless door mirrors which move as a unit. Also, it has about eight hours of charging on a 3-phase 16 A and lots of space in the trunk.

  • Battery Range: 107 miles.
  • Price: $40,900
  • Max Power: 408hp
  • Max Speed: 127.4 mph

Kia EV6

The rear-drive version of this electric car has 22hp, which takes only 7.5 seconds to go from 60mph, and the 325hp all-wheel-drive version reduces that time to just 5.2 seconds.

  • Battery Range: 328 miles.
  • Price: $49, 795
  • Max Power: 577 hp.
  • Max Speed: 161 mph.


We have already established that electric vehicles are a good investment because they have many benefits and are better than gas-powered cars. So, of course, you should locate the next car dealer shop and get one if you can afford it.

We hope this article has been helpful; remember to share your opinion in the comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Best Electric Car to Buy?

One of the best electric vehicles to buy is the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt. The car has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $31,500 and a $995 destination charge. It is the first mainstream electric vehicle to travel over 200 miles with a single charge. This is a good option for electric car owners who want to use their car more than just run errands.

With the new Dual Level Charge Cord Standard, a standalone charging station is not required, so you can quickly charge your Chevrolet Bolt at home.

2. Why Should I Buy an Electric Car?

There are several reasons you should buy an electric car. First, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and don’t require an oil change, fuel filters, or a new spark. Second, regenerative braking in electric vehicles also lengthens the lifespan of brake pads by using the electric motor to decelerate the car. This means lower overall maintenance costs and increased savings. In addition, it has better performance, is environmentally friendly, and doesn’t require fuel. They are also more fun to drive than modern fuel/gas cars. So, if you are a fun fan, you should go for electric vehicles.

3. Should I Buy Tesla?

If you are a lover of good things, then you should buy Tesla. Automaker Tesla has been a big name for years. However, with an increasing trend toward purchasing electric vehicles, you wouldn’t be the only one considering swapping your current car for a brand-new Tesla Model. Tesla vehicles are popular with anyone who wants to buy a luxury electric car with modern styling. In addition to being safe for the environment compared to your typical gas-powered vehicles, these cars have also become a status symbol, especially given their price. So, of course, any Tesla model is worth the buy.

4. Should I Buy an Electric Car Now or Wait?

The decision to buy an electric car now or wait depends on some factors, but also majorly on you. There are benefits to purchasing an electric vehicle nowadays, but you should wait. Electric cars are hot right now. Their registrations increased by 60% during the first three months of 2022, although the overall car registrations decreased by 18%.

Also, 31% of new car buyers would consider buying an electric vehicle because it is cheaper to own and manage in the long run. And that is, indeed, true.

According to a recent analysis done in February 2022, considering the cost, electric vehicles will set you back between 5% and 17% less overtime, depending on the model you choose, compared with other cars running on internal combustion engines.

5. What Is the Cheapest Electric Car to Buy?

Electric cars are becoming more affordable each year. As more electric vehicles enter the market each year, drivers are presented will overwhelming choices. However, VW ID.3 Life Prom Performance is one of the cheapest electric cars available. The vehicle presently costs $36,032 with rapid charging up to 80% in 45 minutes.

The car is the size of a Volkswagen e-Golf with a five-door hatchback and is a high-performance electric car. The design is top-notch, and it comes with all the latest technology. Its battery is around 62kWh, and a punchy drivetrain is around 201bhp.